Hello Everybody from Guatemala

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I am sorry I have not sent out a news letter in a long time. To be honest I have just been so busy I have not had time to sit down and write a news letter. I have tried several times but I am so tired I can't think. So I don't know if this one will even make sense but then none of my others make sense so why should this one? We have been doing medical clinics in the remote villages now for almost two weeks and have seen 15 villages and I really can't even tell you how many hundreds of people. The first team was from Westmoreland Baptist Church from Charlotte.

They all had great attitudes and were willing to serve. Some villages we could not even take the bus and could only go by 4x4 truck. Some had no bridges and we had to just cross the river anyway. But they loved every minutes of it. Fortunately I have a nurse from Boston here (Nicole) who is a great nurse and also my Guatemalan nurse Marleni. With out these two these past several weeks I don't think I could have done it.

A helicopter crashed in the field next to our house and 4 men were severely injured. We were all out on a clinic in the jungle but the fireman (Freddy) who works for me took care of them like a pro and got them to my clinic and kept them alive until another helicopter could land in our yard and fly them to a real hospital in Guatemala City.

Also during this time we had a well drilling rig and crew here drilling for water. Thank the Lord, they went down 300 ft and hit water. So we now finally after months and months of digging by hand and two drilling companies finally have water, Whew! Praise the Lord! In between drilling for water and seeing 300-500 patients a day we also took care of emergencies (OK, I would show you those pictures but we had some horrific trauma calls).

This little girls father and her walked 1 hours out of the jungle to get a bus and come 40 miles to my clinic because her eye was bulging out of her head. I suspect a tumor behind the eye and drove her and her father to a special hospital in Guatemala City where she is to receive surgery. I think they will have to remove her eye to remove the tumor.

Also it looks like we may finally have a receiving hospital and receiving Doctor in the States in the next week to get Rodrigo to the States for surgery on his arms that were burned. His mother is scared but he says he is ready to go! So keep Rodrigo in your prayers.

Also an update on Jocelyn. When the team was here Jocelyn and her mother Brenda came to meet Mark and Diane from Charlotte. They were willing to adopt her and are some of the finest people I know. (Especially since we have the same parole officer). They had a time of getting to know each other and made some tough decisions. Jocelyn and her mother both feel this would be a blessing from God if she could go live in the States with Mark and Diane and their daughters. I took Jocelyn out of the orphanage and Mark and I pooled our money together to get Brenda a room big enough for Jocelyn to stay with her in the City. She has to stay there so as not to be found by her husband.

When I took them to the room Brenda was living in I gasped. I did not even want to describe how she has had to live in the city. It is worse than any of you can imagine. I gave her enough money to get a small apartment for her and Jocelyn until we can sort out the adoption process. Mark and I will pay her rent and food until this is resolved. I will keep you all posted on what we can or cannot do for adoption. In the mean time, please keep this situation in your prayers OK?

I have a medical team coming in today from Vanderbilt University and we will head out to do more medical care for people like this. I'm not going to put on a front and tell you I am not a bit tired and worn out, I am, but I am at peace and do appreciate your prayers.

I am still working on trying to build a hospital for this area. I found a piece of land that is $30,000.00 US dollars but this is cheap for 10 acres here in this area. Just keep praying that if it is Gods will I do this He will provide and if it is not His will then pray He will give me a small sign like a Helicopter.

There is a lot more going on here than I have time to write because I have to head to Honduras to pick up my team but I just wanted to at least touch base with you all. Thanks again for everything and Gods Blessings.

God Bless,
In His Service,

Bryan & Riechelle and Kids