Update on Rodrigo

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rodrigo is doing magnificent! He is cooperating and helps during his therapy. As you can see his skin grafts are healing well and his mother and father are so thankful for the progress they see each day. He is even able to hold his own arms up which he could not do before and she is helping the process by being positive and working with us. He is having less pain each day as his muscles and joints begin to work and loosen.

Here he is actually fighting the nurse Marleni by trying to push her had away when she bends his arm but this is good. Yesterday was the nurse's day off so I had to do the therap. So here I am being Mr. Tough guy. OK Rodrigo no one is looking. Here is some candy but tell the mean old nurse and mean Dr. Amanda that I bent your arms and hurt you OK? Just kidding! After the candy cane I had to do the therapy but it actually is really getting easier for him than in the beginning. We let him go home for Sunday to be with his brothers and sisters and the church wanted to pray over him so the mother said she would do the therapy Sunday and he comes back here tomorrow. He has been accepted into the Fresh Start Surgical program so now we just need to do the paper work and wait. I just wanted to let you all know how well it is going for him.

God Bless,
In His Service,