Trip to USA

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hello Everyone from Guatemala

Well we are back safe and sound from the real world to our home in a 3rd world country, but boy did we have a whirl wind experience.  As you may remember we took my wife Marleni's sister with us (Mari)to not only see the USA for the first time but also for some medical help. Which we got in Atlanta Ga.
(some real good folks there)

I guess to say she was blown away would be an understatement. Imagine living in a 3rd world country on a river with no electricity, or running water or even a bathroom, to what she saw landing in Miami Florida....

When we got on the jet in Guatemala City Mari could not believe it when we took off and then left the rain to climb above the clouds where the sun was shinning and the clouds below looked to her like cotton candy. She was like a little girl.  But then we stayed overnight with my son Lance and his wife Beverly who we would be attending their wedding in just a short time later, after driving to Atlanta, then Indiana, then Charlotte NC then back to Atlanta and then back down to Miami for the wedding.

The next day we drove to Orlando Fl where we met our good friends Tom and Arlene Bernard. They love taking people to Disney and Tom is a very successful business man. He put us up in a resort near Disney for two nights and when we got there Mari could not believe her eyes.

They did our towels exactly how I fold our towels at home here in Guatemala,,, I was shocked..
Talk about the Beverly Hillbillies going from Guatemala to this.  Again Mari was in shock.

Then we all went out to eat at ....... The finest dinning on the face of the earth..... GOLDEN CORAL............

Mari said she had never seen this much food in her life. She said she never even dreamed there was a place like this. I told her this is what I dream about every night back in Guatemala.
She got her first plate and then after asked for permission to just look at the other bars of food. Tom said Mari, you can go back as many times as you want....
( I wanted to tell her myself but I was so busy making just a bean sprout salad I just was not thinking)

As we were on our way back to the resort she began to cry. We said Mari what is wrong? She said this is the most special day of my life.... ( we were all thinking wait till she goes to Disney World tomorrow)
But I have to admit every time I go the GOLDEN CORAL.  I feel it is the most special day of my life too.....

So next morning we get up and Tom makes breakfast and then he and Arlene take us to The Magic Kingdom at Disney World.  
We get out at the parking lot and have to get on a Monorail to get into the Park.

Look at Mari's face.

She cannot believe that such a thing even exist. She is so naive that I told her Tom and I designed and built this and sold it to Disney. ( she believed it until Cielo ruined it and said no they tell a lot of lies when they are together Aunt Mari)

Here is a picture of Tom and Arlene with Mari after going on the Splash Mountain.

Here we are in front of a little Castle Tom and I built one day.

I have to say I have been talking a lot about Mari's experience but Cielo was captivated with all of the Disney characters. They did a show in front of the Magic Kingdom Castle and she got to watch it and even see Tinker Bell fly down from the top during fireworks. But Cielo truly believed these characters where real. Just look at her face.

But what they did with the lights and colors and fireworks at night where truly an experience of a life time for Cielo and Mari.

When I looked over Cielo was crying, then Mari was crying and then Marleni and Arlene were crying..... when they closed the snack food stand with all natural deep friend turkey legs,  Tom and I both cried.
 Everybody was crying....

After the day at Disney I can now honestly say it will be one of Mari and Cielo's best days ever.

On our way out of FL we stopped to buy some oranges and I wanted to do a little fishing. So I went to the pond to fish while the others picked our oranges.  I caught a decent size fish, nothing to brag about but the girls went crazy. I tried to tell them this is what I use for bait when I go deep sea fishing.

It took me over an hour to bring him in because all I was using was a cane pole... no really... would I lie about fishing?

OK next we head up to Indiana to see my mother and sister. My mother or as Marleni and Cielo and Mari call her "Momma Faye" made some of the good old fashioned home cooking I grew up on as a boy. I wanted my Guatemalan family to taste some of my Midwest food. They loved it.  We visited my sister Andrea and her husband and her daughter whose name is Khara came up from Knoxville TN to visit us. She is beautiful and sings and writes music professionally. She really is unbelievable... We were all blown away as she sang for us. Her and her husband will be moving to California for two years to work on music projects out there. I really think she is going to make the big time some day. She is awesome.

I am sorry I don't have any pictures of them we took videos all the time and I can't put them in this news letter.

But it was great to be with family. We were hoping for snow for my gals but we just missed it and all they saw for snow in Indiana was a pile left in a store parking lot.

I thought you gotta be kidding me, they want to play in this little pile of snow and they were going to eat it before I stopped them.

So after Indiana we head for Charlotte NC to see our friends Kent and Thelma Hubbard and Charlie and on the way through West Virginia boy we hit snow in the Mountains.

The girls went crazy! They made me pull over to the side of this major highway so they could run in the woods and see and play in the snow.

We went through tunnels right through the mountains and none of them had ever been in a tunnel. They were amazed and even Marleni said, Bryan this is why we admire Americans.
 I said are you referring to the Mono-rail Tom and I built ?  She said NO...

 I said you mean because of a tunnel? She said yes you take it for granted but Americans are super intelligent people. She was amazed at the highways and overpasses and bridges that we all just take for granted.
It is true when I come back to the States I realized how advanced we are compared to places here in Central America. 

So we made it to the Carolinas and visited friends and I got my drivers license renewed for 10 years, but I was truly amazed. They changed the DMV and the people there were actually nice and even efficient. I was in and out in 30 minutes and the woman who took care of me was helpful and courteous. I wanted to ask her where all the people who usually work in the DMV went to as they always wanted to ruin my life. These were great folks.

Well it was time to get back down to Miami and get ready for my son Lance's wedding. He and my new daughter-in-law Beverly had a wonderful wedding at a place called Jungle Island. It was beautiful. Lance has been stationed there in the U S Coast Guard since his return from Iraq and he has loved it. He has worked along with John Walsh on "America's Most Wanted" show two times now and they love him.
Also my son Luke who is a police officer up in Maryland was there and he was just made officer of the year for 2011. So I am very proud of both of my sons.

Here I am with my son Luke.

Here is my family at the wedding.

And here is my son Lance and his bride Beverly after the ceremony.

The wedding was fantastic and our whole trip was an experience of a lifetime for my family.

So now we are back to work in Guatemala and getting ready for our first Women;s Conference in April. We will be bringing in women from remote villages for a three day women conference that I know will change their lives. Then in June we have our first medical team and it is from a church we are now working with from Alabama. They are great folks and will be sending a family here in June to stay and work in Rio Dulce Guatemala along side of us. So a lot of good things are happening for us and we thank God and all of you who have prayed and supported us.

We had fun and to be honest needed some time back home and with family, but it's time to get back to work and if any of you would like to put a team together and help us do clinics please contact us and we will help you any way we can.

OK Thanks again and May God Bless you and May He continue to have His hand on the people at GOLDEN CORAL....

In His Service

Bryan & Marleni Buchanan