Wilmer Church Medical Team

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello Everyone from Guatemala

We had a fantastic team from Wilmer Alabama this past week doing medical clinics in the remote villages....

I just thought I would share a few things we did and how the middle name for missionaries is  " Be Flexible"

One our war from the Airport we stopped in a Sam's Club in San Pedro Sula Honduras to get some supplies and when we stopped we heard one of the buses back tires loosing air. Within minutes it was flat.

I had tons of luggage and 15 people plus myself ( so add two more ) and the inside tire was flat.

 So on the 100 degree pavement we took off the outside tire but could not get the inside tire off.

So we had to put the spare on and drive to a tire repair shop for big trucks.
But even while laying under the bus  out of the sun while jacking it up I felt like a fried egg.
But we made it to the boarder on time to cross.

Some of the people on the team had been on mission trips before but some had not so they had some eye opening experiences.

Some had never seen real poverty like this little girl cooking beans for her family over an open fire,
or never imagined a man this old walking for hours in the heat and sun just to get medical care.

We went to villages I have not been able to get to for over a year and they were sick.

We had one village that we had promised to get to but it was very far away and the roads were extremely bad and we would have to cross rivers
in the bus and climb mountains.
I was afraid the old gal could not make it but she still keeps running......
However after driving about an hour we got to a prehistoric bridge over the Matagua River.
We were told we could not pass. When I asked why they said the boards on the bridge were being repaired.

So we went anyway to see of we could get them to let us cross....

After we saw the broken boards we knew we could not pass that day, so we called the village chief and told him we could not pass over the Matagua Bridge. He said he was very sad as there were many people who had walked for hours to see us and were there waiting on us. We felt terrible but nothing we could do.

Some villages were we took the bus we still had to cross rivers and this one almost tore the back bumper off... OK (again )
 I don' t think it will make another trip over this rocky river.

One Village we have been taking care of for years is call Quatro Cayos and there is no road access.
So we have to go by boat.
But it is rainy season and even though it mostly rains at night it still can turn a river into an obstacle course over night.

So we loaded up the boat with our medicines and supplies and headed up the Rio Dulce River then took the off ramp into a side river that runs deep into the jungle.

After about an hour of navigating up the river we hit a spot that we could not pass due to the current and the sand and rocks.

But this team were determined to get to the village.
 So they jumped in the river and began pushing the boat by hand.... I had to stay in the boat the steer and give orders but that is just my job.....

It was very hard watching the team and my wife get into the cool water while I stayed in the boat.

The team leader actually got into the current and had to swim to land where he met up with Marleni and Berry
( Berry who had an accident and lost one hand several years ago but he work like two men.)

They had to walk into the jungle and then find the river where we finally met up with them.
I knew if they stayed with Marleni they would be fine. She was born and raised in the jungle so for her it was easy.

We got to the village to find people waiting on us and so we set up and got to work.

In one village we had time after the clinic was over to give the kids of the village some attention and just play and have fun with them.
I know the team said they did it for the kids but I think they had as much fun as the kids did.

Of course along the way we had two more flat tires, that week.

But no one said a trip with Junglemedic will be easy.....

Some of the team were a bit over whelmed with the kids full of worms and the poverty and even the animals condition.

Sometimes it is hard to get there and hot and lots of hard work but how do you just say no to people like this.....?

 A mother with five children and no money to buy food or medicine. You just can't say No huh?

This team was  like so many other teams, just came with a heart to serve and help others. But they were changed also. So it was great for everybody.

Our sincere thanks to the team of Wilmer Baptist Church who gave their all to help the forgotten people.
 May God Bless you....

In His Service

Bryan & Marleni Buchanan