Man Lasso's Bear and lives to tell story

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hello Everyone from Guatemala

OK first I want to tell you what happened to me with the bear.

It was about 2:00am and I was asleep. Marleni wakes me up and says Tony ( Marleni's nephew that lives and works for us )
is outside yelling for help.

 I said what is going on? She said he is yelling that a bear has Rambo ( our German Shepard Dog ) and is killing him. 
Now folks I lived in Maine where we have bears, so in my mind I could see this big
black bear tearing my dog to pieces.
So I said Marleni, " do you have bears in Guatemala?" She said yes in the mountains.

So I grabbed my 9mm pistol from my night stand and ran outside with nothing but my scrub pants on and clogs. As I got to the door I remembered I only had regular bullets in my clip. I thought these will just bounce off of a bear like BB's.
So I grabbed my clip with hollow points and slid them in the gun. Part of me wanted to just go out there and wrestle the
Bear to the ground with my bear hands. ( get it bear hands... never mind)
But just to be safe I took the gun.

 As I got out side in the dark it was raining. I could see Tony with a flashlight pointing toward the two animals. As I got closer I realized this was not a bear. it was an Anteater.

But it was night and I could see he had a hold on Rambo's face with his huge and powerful claws. Rambo had bit him pretty hard in the abdomen but this slow animal is super strong and was ripping Rambo's face.
So I fired the gun into the ground to try and stop Rambo. But he would not stop. So I had to kick him and he ran to his dog house.

When I saw how beautiful this animal was and also that she eats the ants that destroy my fruit tree leaves, I wanted to save her.  So I lassoed her and put her in the shed for the night hoping to release her the next day in the jungle. However Rambo had apparently done to much internal damaged and she died.

I was very upset with Rambo but he was just doing his job. He is a guard dog. So I could not be mad at him.
So I asked Marleni and Tony why did you guys keep saying it was an Oso ( bear in Spanish )
They said here we call them an
Oso homegadora, which means bear that eats ants.

So I guess the title is a bit misleading huh?

 I actually lassoed an anteater, not a Giant Grizzly Bear.
(I guess God has given me the gift of embellishment)

Now Update on the Jungle Kids for Christ Program

This will be their 3rd Sunday in School. Yesterday and today Marleni has been not only helping them with homework but actually teaching them. You see most of them did not have this opportunity to go to high school so they have not been to school since elementary 3 to 4 years ago. So they are way behind.

She found out that most of them did not do their homework because they just did not understand it.
Marleni spends 8 hours on Friday, and how ever many hours on Saturday to get them up to speed and understand what they need to know for the next school class.

At the end of her classes if there are some who are still having trouble she spends extra time with them while the others work.

Some of the boys busted up a cement slab and we hauled it away again.

Some cleaned and reorganized the Pharmacy.

But now it was time for me to teach them English.

It may be hard to see that I have written the word Dog. But you can see I have drawn a picture of what I said was a Dog.
They said it looked like a Rat.

So I came up with an idea. I always hated school when I was a kid. It was boring and I just did not have time to study or do home work as I was busy with more important things like
dating, experimenting with herbal products, and working on my van.

So I decided to try and make learning fun. One thing I know about Guatemalan kids..... they are very competitive.
When they play soccer they are dead serious about winning.

I also love the game show Jeopardy. So I told them they had to learn and study 20 English words.
 I made them write them, then say them, then draw a picture of the word.

They had a week to study these words. So last week I devided them up into two teams,
the Red Team and the Blue Team.

I then drew squares on the board with points like Jeopardy. Each team had an opportunity to answer the question.
An example would be: I would say for 10 points what is a Manzana?
If they answered Apple and could say it correctly they got 10 points.

If they could not and the other team could answer they got the 10 points. Well at the end of the game,
( they did not even realize they were learning)
The Red Team won. They loved beating the Blue team but the Blue team said we will be ready next week.

So yesterday they were ready for English class. Those kids had gone home and studied like crazy every word.
 ( man they wanted to win ) You see the winners get to watch a movie at night.

Those kids were so excited and they knew every word. It is funny because now they were learning and having fun and the competition made them want to study and win.

So now Marleni is teaching the same way by helping them and then setting up a test in the form of Jeopardy.
They study, learn and can't wait to go on to the next chapter.

So now the kids are getting it and I think will be top in their classes in school.
Again I feel very strongly that if we can teach them what they need to know to graduate high school here and also learn a second language, (English) they will be able to get a job
almost anywhere here in Guatemala and make decent money.

OK Keep me in your prayers as I recover from the Bear attack.... Oh yea,I already told you it was an anteater. Never mind......(smile)

On a serious note. If you would have told me I would be teaching and taking in teenagers, and loving it..... a year ago I would have told you to increase your meds...... but I am telling you Marleni and I
have fallen in love with these kids. God set this up because I would not have chosen this in a hundred years.
So you see why I say let Him run the ship?

OK guys until next time, God Bless and thank you to all of you who are praying for us and supporting us.
We really appreciate it and even of no one else knows, God knows and I think He is pleased.

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