Mission Statement

Junglemedic Missions provides free medical and dental care to remote Mayan Indian villages and teaches gardening skills that will feed them for a lifetime.

The Problem We're Solving:

There are 137 villages in the Rio Dulce Izabal area of Guatemala that have no medical or dental care at all and only subsist on corn tortillas for their three meals a day.

Our Mission is to Accomplish Four Things:

  1. Provide basic medical care through our mobile medical clinic (bus converted into a mobile clinic) that we can take into the remote mountains and jungle areas that have never seen a doctor before. We have been hosting medical teams for 8 years and have served thousands of people with medical clinics in which all consultations and medications are free.
  2. Provide dental care and dental education to the villages. Again we use the mobile clinic to take teams of dentist into the villages and the bus is equipped with two complete dental opatories for fillings and restorative work and two stations for dental extractions on teeth that are infected and non-restorable.
  3. Continue taking care of all medical emergencies that range from trauma accidents to delivering babies. We currently have a fully equipped Emergency Room where we take care of emergencies.
  4. We also have a agricultural program in which we take teams into the villages and teach the people how to raise a garden that will not only give the vegetables they cannot afford but will even give them extra to sell for income and make them more independent.

Goals for the Future:


How You Can Help:

If you are interested in helping or becoming a part of this work, please feel free to view the rest of the Web Site. You can also e-mail me with any questions or comments that you have.

 Thank You.


Bryan Buchanan (The Junglemedic)